Rental Application:

We often have 20+ people to chose from on each rental property, please, if you are a qualified renter fill this out, we want good people in our rentals. Thanks, put ‘RENTAL‘ in the subject line when sending us an email.

  1. Copy the below text, and email it to us, filled out. Add any additional info you fill is important also.
  2. Full Name? Email? phone number? Do you have internet access?
  3. Present resident?
  4. How long have you lived in your last two residents?
  5. Why did you move out of your last two residents?
  6. Have you ever left owing rent?
  7. Have you ever been evicted?
  8. Married/Single?
  9. Children, and their ages?
  10. Employment type? How long have you been employed with that employer? How long in that type of work?
  11. Take home wage per month after taxes taken out?
  12. Former landlords name, and number?
  13. Did you leave on good terms from your last employer?
  14. Do you have maintenance skills? (I live far from my homes and insist that the man of the house has fix and repair skills, indoors and outdoors.)
  15. Are you able to tend to a sizable yard?
  16. How many automobiles do you presently have? Year/Model/Color
  17. What property are you interested in renting?
  18. Why would you be a good fit?
  19. Do you have a FaceBook page? What is the address of your page?
  20. Do you have sufficient funds to pay first, and last, months rent prior to move in?

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