‘Person’ not to be personal. IRS/State Challenge.

(The underlined is added comments by Lawyer Hansen. 8-10-2018, the below is a letter sent to Hansen by Rivera.)

Hello Paul John Hansen:

State and federal laws may only tax income which is taxable. This means all corporate income may be made taxable because corporations are the product of state or federal law. 

The state (US) created the corporate entity, the state regulates/governs/taxes the business of ‘their’ corporate entity.

Individual income is only taxable when those individuals elect to declare it to be taxable by electing to making a state or federal income tax return and paying the tax on that return.

All association/business of a man with the United States is by consent (election).

States and the federal government create laws that appear to make corporations and individuals criminally liable if they do not file an income tax return. Take for example, the State of California Revenue & Taxation Code Section 19706, which only applies to corporations although it is commonly applied to individuals:

Revenue & Taxation Code Section 19706.  Any person or any officer or employee of any corporation who, within the time required by or under the provisions of this part, willfully fails to file any return or to supply any information with intent to evade any tax imposed by Part 10 (commencing with Section 17001 ) or Part 11 (commencing with Section 23001 ), or who, willfully and with like intent, makes, renders, signs, or verifies any false or fraudulent return or statement or supplies any false or fraudulent information, is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or in the state prison, or by fine of not more than twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), or by both the fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, together with the costs of investigation and prosecution.
Standard rules of statutory construction require that laws have but one subject.

The one given law must apply to only one class/type, either the class/type of corporation, or the class/type of ‘individual’ (individual man), the law forbids both to be of the same US written law.

The subject of Section 19706 is “Any person or any officer or employee of any corporation who.” As all officers and employees are persons, the subject of Section 19706 can be reduced to “Any person.”  The subject of Section 19706 is “Any person of any corporation.” They are the officers and employees of corporations who are duty-bound to do the acts required by law or refrain from committing acts prohibited by law.

The deception is in the ” Any person or any officer…”, where it appears to the untrained that the term ‘person’ is an ‘individual’ such as a ‘man’ (a man like you), when in fact in true context the statutory rule governs and that ‘person’ is not, can not be, a man, but can only be a ‘corporate person‘, as an officer of a corporation who has a legal duty to file or supply information to the state.

In order to make Section 19706 applicable to individuals with no association to any corporation, the phrase “any corporation,” would have to be removed.  Section 19706 only prescribes penalties for certain acts or omissions to act. As there is no law requiring an individual who fails or refuses to make a return, there is no obligation to make a State of California income tax return and, therefore, no income tax liability.  If your state imposes a personal income tax, it has a penalty statute similar to Section 19706. Find yours and send it to me for my analysis.

All 50 district ‘STATE of xxxx’, are governed the same. All participate in this fraud for billions of revenue dollars that they are not entitled to. If people stopped submitting state filings that make it appear that they are ‘persons’ statism control would come to a screeching halt, for no money no control. Then and only then would the people see the opportunity for self, and local community governance. Instead of contributing to ‘building colonies on Mars’ you can build them in your own community. Support your independent (of US) state as being one of the 50 states united.

Founders of America wrote in 1776, in the Declaration of Independence, that God says ‘man’ has unalienable Rights. Your property, your income, is not lien-able, not tax-take-able.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera  (Once was a BAR licensed attorney.)

Note – US/United States is synonymous with ‘state’.

CONTACT – Paul Hansen through freeinhabitant.info, or pauljjhansenLAW@gmail.com. There is a simple process that you can utilize to challenge the IRS/US to prove that you are a taxable person without risk of prosecution upon your ceasing to file a U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, which eliminates any chance of intent as is required for any prosecution by the IRS/US. We can aid you with the ‘Request for a 26 USC 6203 Assessment’, with accompanying affidavit, by notary presentment, certified mailing by three participating notaries.


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>> 12.

101 Sales Tax, by honest Lawyer:

All ‘tax’ is a ‘use-tax’, all use tax is by ‘right’ a ‘property-right’, the US written laws cannot interfere with ‘property-rights’ (right to contract), for such is theft.

Applied-taxation is applied-contract.

If you wish to use my:

land, property, or time, I, and any state has right to charge a fee (tax) for such.

In America we have People, states, and states within a state (states are le·gal fic·tion, People are not.

The 50 union states are independent of the United States, The federal states [i]n the 50 states is land owned/en-trusted, by ‘The United States of America’ (the styled name for the Confederacy).

‘Land’ is space, ‘property’ is what lies within a space (land).

If you use my ‘land’ or my ‘property’, you pay me what tax I wish.

If I use your ‘land’ or your ‘property’, I pay you what tax you wish.

If any man uses any states land or state property, that man pays that state what tax it wishes.

Sales taxes are indirect (privilege use tax).

The US is forbidden to lay any indirect tax upon the People of the 50 states. (People of the 50 states are not ‘US citizens’, US citizen is a privileged status.)

The US is limited as to what indirect taxes it can lay upon US citizens.

Few people born on American land have elected to become a US citizen.

Only states can lay a Congressional-determined, apportioned-tax (direct-tax), upon People of the 50 states.

Flat-rate, indirect-tax, i.e. ‘sales-tax’, can be applied to acts ‘in’ land of the US, flat rate, direct-tax cannot be applied generally upon business ‘in’ land not owned by the US.

Art. 1, Sec. 8, Par. (17) identifies US land.

In Nevada it is hard to do business without the US for Nevada is 84% owned by the US, Connecticut is easy, only .4% is owned by the US.

Sales tax is constitutional in federal zones, sales tax is grossly UN-constitutionally applied in non-federal zones.

Lawyer Hansen, freeinhabitant.info.

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Administrative Process, MS10065

Administrative Process (AP)

The best tool we have used is what we call AP, it is a process that incorporated US written law with applying direct tracked/confirmed communication of the individual man of any agency that is making a claim upon you.

Forcing him to support his claim with all required jurisdictional points for the specific claim.

The package is 35$, M1S-65 (MS10065)


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