Shawn Stuller, Pensacola Florida, habitual scammer, thief, drug user, unrestrained fornicator, hypocrite, uses Christianity deceitfully. 2019

DO NOT give this man money. It has been reported on 5-14-2019 that Shawn is contacting people under the pretense of raising money to accomplish various Christian ministry needs.

The above link > Shawn gets 20 years for drugs, theft.

  • I, Paul John Hansen, a lawyer for a ministry in Southern Alabama, recently worked with Shawn for several months.
  • Shawn came to our ‘Christian Ministry’ (see many pictures of the ministry in Shawn’s Facebook) straight out of prison (Feb 2019) with a promise he would follow all our biblical rules, he has violated most all of them and is now permanently bared from the camp.
  • Shawn has recently stolen 1500$ from a worker at our camp. Shawn stole this man’s key and got in his vehicle and stole all his savings he earned at the Church Camp that he and Shawn worked at. (This man, a good man, greatly befriended Shawn.)
  • Shawn chooses to return to the mire, and eat his own vomit as a dog does, after five years in jail, and being freed from jail 10+ years early, he is worse than before.
  • Shawn has convinced one gentle woman (See Barbs picture below.) to give him over $50,000.00, with a promise that he would pay her back, now stating no such promises ever existed. Shawn calls her his “Spiritual Mom”, I call her one of his many victims.
  • Barb (a bus driver) took her life-savings to pay for a lawyer to save Shawn ten or more years in prison. Barb had no family ties, or prior friendship, with Mr Stuller.
  • This post is to warn people of Shawn’s overt evil lies and manipulations.
  • He is now claiming to raise money for schooling, which is almost assuredly all going to drugs and life on the beach in Pensacola, FL.
Shawn is smiling because he knows he will soon be free to indulge in prodigal, unabashed behavior, off the life savings of this good-hearted lady. What a Shame.
Ma, ‘Happy Mothers Day’ – again. Here’s another free picture, complements of the State of Florida.
A little about his 2016 arrest, walking around stoned, walks into a random house, rifles through the medicine chest, steals some prescription drugs, takes a dump in the kitchen sink, bends the sink, (Dumb ass I guess), steals some sunglasses, owner walks in on him, he said he is here to mow the yard, guy calls the police, Shawn leaves anyway, gets about two block, sees cop coming, pulls the drugs out and tosses them at his feet, tells the judge he needs rehab, for the twentieth time, gets 20 years as an habitual, gets off on a technicality after 5 years, and is now in jail less than six months after released.
Proverbs 26:11 
11 As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

Looks like the above charge is for drugs, if bad drugs, and a lot of it, he will likely get 25 years, if small amount 5 years. That is my guess. “stupid is as stupid does” – forrest gump

I talked to Shawn on 9-10-2019, he only got 90 days for the above.

(((If anyone knows what Shawn’s parents names are, or has more stores to add to this, please send them to, for consideration of posting here so that all can be warned about his ongoing manipulating scams.)))

9-25-2019 Shawn Arrested again. Hovind

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