Titling, Files, Documents, Step by Step:

All lawyers I work with insist on this titling system.

Noting should be sent to me without strict adherence to our titling instructions. Title it in your email correctly before ever sending it, anything else will result in a mess. Do not send unless you know it is titled correctly. If not we will not beable to locate the same document in the emails as they are also in the Dropbox, thus we will have duplications which is unacceptable.

24-04-16 Motion to Dismiss << this is an example of a basic title for our Dropbox entries.

The above represents a typical ‘Motion to Dismiss’ that was filed on 4/26/2024.

The date must start with the year as two digits, then the month always in two digits, then the day always in two digits. no spaces, and the dash between each set of numbers. Then a space and any brief title verbiage you wish to use.


The exact date system is the only way the documents will stay in chronological order.


HOW TO CREATE A WORD DOCUMENT IN DROPBOX: In your RW DROPBOX FOLDER, go to the top and select NEW FOLDER. To title the folder use the following rule – FOLDERS ARE ONLY NUMBERED, and then followed by a TITLE DISCRIPTION. (Note Folders are numbered, where documents are dated.)

HOW TO CREATE A FOLDER IN DROPBOX: In your RW DROPBOX FOLDER, go to the tope and select NEW DOCUMENT. Then SELECT WORD.DOCX. To title the Document use the ‘Document Titling Rules’.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD A DOCUMENT INTO ANY RW DROPBOX FOLDER: Go to folder, on the tope section click on UPLOAD, then click on FILE, then find the document you wish to download. After download you can re-name it by left-clicking on the … (three dots) on the far right of the document location, then find RENAME, click, then name/title per the rules, then click enter.

When you wish for us to view a document all you need give us is FOLDER NUMBER xx, THEN DOCUMENT DATE TITLE xx-xx-xx, and if there is more that one on that date add more title description. OR just call it F xx, DOC xx-xx-xx, and we can easily locate it in your email or in our shared Dropbox.

So for the said – ‘Motion to Dismiss’ that was filed on 4/26/2024, all you need give us is > RW FOLDER 24-04-16.

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