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This site is for full transparency all of the communications, and all of the actions, to accomplish the below. All actions over the next several months will be posted on this Internet site, a highly visible, search-able, site for any Google search on CSE, Eric Hovind.

1st Letter mailed 4-25-19:

9114.9014.9645.1937.0833.03 – Wallnofer.
9114.9014.9645.1937.0832.97 – Nowlin.
9114.9014.9645.1937.0833.80 – Eric.
9114.9014.9645.1937.0833.73 – Nadoly.


1st Letter to Eric and God Quest Board. 2-25-2019


2nd Letter (EXHIBIT ‘AP’) to Eric and God Quest Board. 5-20-19



1st Court Petition – CSE v. Eric Hovind, God Quest, Creation Today, Board. 6-4-2019


(As with the above case if you can aid us in contacting Eric and encourage him to settle this without convening an American common law court please do so. If not, volunteer to be on the jury of this case, we can have several hundred act as judges/jurors over the internet to serve the courts needs. Contact courtclerk107@gmail.com if you have any interest in following the case or aiding as a judge/juror.) HERE < for more info. Matthew 18:15-17