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Jury Chat Room INFO:             (‘Jury’ is synonymous with 12 in-bank judges.)

The jury chat room is our internet site tool where each juror may chat, being identified by individual juror number,  1 to 12.

j6” < Example of juror number 6 chat room identifier. (When joining the chat room identify yourself as such – j1, j2, etc.)

Aiding court clerk will be “CC“.

If the jury elects to allow the below participants these identifiers will operate:

P” for Petitioner/Plaintiff,

R” for Respondent/Defendant,

W1” for witness number 1.

The individual jurors can then type in any communication they wish and their comment will be identifiable by their juror number and be archived in the chain of communications, and such will operate as potential evidence before the jurors.

Example > (j7, In answer to j3 comment I agree, as to juror j6, I disagree for the following reasons……….)

The chat room is also added to conference rooms where the jurors can talk to each other by phone and/or internet.

The court clerks believe that it is good to let all the above-listed participants have access to the chat room. Any person that disturbs the chat room can be removed by majority vote of the jurors. (7 of 12 is a majority)

The jury may allow additional evidence into the case at any time before the final case determination is made. So if the jury has questions, or if any party wishes to introduce evidence or any aiding INFO, it can be allowed by the jury.

All chat room written dialog is retained as part of the court record.

To join chat room you will receive a confidential LINK in your email to the case chat room, it will look much like this > https://stin.to/xxxxx   (each case chat room has it’s own individual link.)

We ask that the jurors not communicate with one another except by the chat room, or during conference call deliberations. Jurors are allowed to dialog all they wish, at any time, with as many, or as few, of the jurors present. Yet we do encourage that the communication is germane to the case.

If you are reading this it is highly likely that the CHAT ROOM LINK has been sent to your email already. Search for 14.03, ‘JURORS FORM QUESTION‘ in your subject line in your emails.

The first time you click on the CHAT LINK, or enter it into your URL, you will be prompted to create your ‘chat room name’.

[Enter your chat name……] as an example put in j1 if you are Juror 1, and if you were Juror 6 put in j6.  No names, please. (It can be in upper or lower case.) (If the jurors elect to use names the court clerk can accommodate.)

The chat room software has a ‘spell checker’ for your convenience.

If you have any question email courtclerk107@gmail.com.

Remember this court is in the building process, it will get better as we go. We are trying to keep it simple, yet productive, and above all fair/biblical.

If you wish to practice in an identical chat room forum CLICK >  HERE, to go and set up a chat room you and any friend can practice in.)

(The chat room server we are presently using expires after a few days of none use, that is why this one has stopped working. We will get one that stays open in the future for all our needs.)

(Eventually, a youtube will be available to show people all workings of the court. As they say – “A picture is worth a thousand words.”)