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Welfare that is Well and Fair:

Book Study –Restoring America One County at a Time’, Chapter 2

Brief on legal points of contract nexus with U.S. welfare system.

1. America is different than most Nations of the world, America was founded on individual freedom.

Freedom means free from governance other than God.

  1. As to this topic free to contract, and free not to contract, with the United States, for welfare services, or any benefits.
  2. All services offered by the U.S. is by ‘contract’, no services or governance is independent of a “contract” with/by the UNITED STATES INC.
  3. Federal Benefits, State Benefits, Social Security, Medicare, and all the other services, offered by the U.S. is by contractual agreement. The terms of the contract is found in the legislative bill archives of the U.S., and it’s subsequent states.
  4. The U.S. (state) agents are barred from forcing, or intimidating, people to contract.
  5. No one is prosecuted for not contracting with state. People are prosecuted by the state only if there is evidence of an existing contract (contact/effect).
  6. No one is born a U.S. citizen. SEE > http://freeinhabitant.info/citizen-vs-free-inhabitant/if-you-have-not-taken-an-oral-oath-you-are-not-a-citizen-of-the-united-states-as-a-matter-of-law.htm
  7. Some are born wards of the state which expires at the age of eighteen.
  8. U.S. citizen is only by contract, by consent, sworn allegiance, oath.
  9. Prior to the 14th Amendment “citizen” was spelled as “C”itizen every time until the 14th Amendment, then it is spelled as “c”itizen. Citizens have birth right, citizens have legislative granted rights.
  10. Citizens are generally independent of the U.S. Governance.
  11. The citizen is generally governed by the U.S. as the contract language evidences.
  12. Any person on U.S. owned lands are governed by U.S. written law.
  13. U.S. owns (in/by trust) 30% of America lands. So this 30% is where citizens reside, the 70% is where Citizens (aliens to the U.S.) are domiciled. The citizen is governed abroad, when on, and when off, U.S. Land.
  14. All men (citizens) contracted with the U.S. have a contractual duty to pay all written law taxes deemed due by the U.S. Legislative. Only citizens are, as a ‘matter of law’, prosecutable for failure to file, or pay any tax due.
  15. If you were not fully informed, of the terms, and the obligations, of any contract, with the U.S., the contract does not exist, as a ‘matter of law’ (not needed to be determined by a jury, can be administratively determined).
  1. 15. All men have right, in America, on American soil, to convene a common law court of record ‘court’ to make all determinations of the existence of any contract between any persons in America. Thus you can not be forced to be subject to a U.S. administrator to adjudicate a determination of the existence of an enforceable contract, such can be done in a Peoples common law court of record venue.
  2. Possessing a U.S. social security number, or birth certificate, drivers license, signed 1040 tax forms, marriage license, etc., is not fact evidence of citizenship (consensual contract), but is received as presumptive (prima facia – considered true until challenged).
  3. I recommend any young person to seek counsel on the ease of being contract free from the U.S.
  4. I recommend church leaders to seek good counselors, with good educational material, for it’s church members on this subject.
  5. Men have a God given right (command) to provide/strive for their own welfare, anything less is an affront to the dominion of God’s Kingdom.

*W2 form is only for contracted participants.

*W4 forms are only for contracted participants.

This document should be submitted with *Non Assumpsit (n/a) listed in every line and then given to your employer, retain the duplicate copy. **Non Assumpsit (n/a) is a Latin tern which means he did not undertake. It is a claim that s/he did not undertake or promise any obligation.

*W8 form are for non-contracted men (non-U.S. Citizens) to notice all parties (employers, U.S. agents, business associates) that nothing is required to be withheld from you compensation for any services rendered. Generally given, with personal a substitute form, with affidavit, to the employer., with affidavit of notice that you will be responsible for any and all taxes to the U.S.

The employer generally calls the IRS and the a IRS agent instructs them not to withhold until otherwise instructed.

My friend did this as an engineer for a company that specialized in servicing nuclear plants, he was the only person out of 1100 people that was paid without any withholding of any type. He was asked not to tell the other employees of his arrangement.

1. Question – U.S. Presidents governs who? a. The Citizen, b. The citizen.

2. Never state orally, or in written form, that you are a Citizen, or a citizen (U.S. citizen), keep the burden of proof on the moving party or you will likely lose the case/argument. This challenge happens in most all IRS cases, and most fail to keep the burden on the United States. Proving essential facts in U.S. courts are next to impossible, keeping the burden on the U.S. agents to prove them is much easier.

Those who seek to prove facts in a U.S. court lose most every time.

3. Those who keep the full burden on the U.S. fact witnesses, as to his statements, win every time.

Attorneys oversee ‘legal’ form (contract). The Citizen can live in America with no ‘legal’ form (contract) his entire life. Most ‘legal’ forms only create limited governance.

4. Attorneys can only represent a fiction (not a man).

5. Attorneys are trained to disguise contracts, from being a consensual act, into a vague duty.

6. Attorneys get disbarred for not associating ‘properly’ with the Bar Association.

7. U.S. Constitution (constituted written law) governs acts on U.S. Land (30%), and U.S. citizens on all lands.

8. The best way to study law is to assume nothing, never trust anyone fully, search, seek, knock, and in time God will allow you to know the truth to the level you can then, and only then teach others.

*W2 – The IRS requires employers to report wage and salary information for employees on Form W-2. Your W-2 also reports the amount of federal, state and other taxes withheld from your paycheck. As an employee, the information on your W-2 is extremely important when preparing your tax return.

*W4 – The purpose of Tax Form W-4 is simple ― it is used by your employer to withhold the proper amount of federal income tax from your paycheck. The IRS recommends that employees submit a new W-4 tax form each year, or any time their personal or financial situation changes. (Yearly consent form.)

*W-8 – Is filled out by **non-resident aliens who do work and/or **make income in the U.S. or foreign business entities who make income in the U.S. If you’re a **legal citizen of the United States, at no point will you have to worry about filling out the W-8 tax forms.

**non-resident aliens – do work, at times on U.S. owned land but are not a resident of that land.

**make income in the U.S. – make money from doing activity on U.S. owned land.

**legal citizen of the United States – A citizen (contracted beneficiary).

A “legal citizen” of the United States is not what I personally want to be.

12-1-2016 Paul John Hansen, (pauljjhansenlaw@gmail.com)

to learn more see freeinhabitant.info, pauljjhansen.com.