360 Day
360 Night
  1. 360/24/7 live surveillance. (Full 360 degree, 24 hours, 7 days a week, coverage.)
  2. Motion/movement activated. (Adjust your own sensibility remotely. Adgust for only human activity, or adjust to add small animals.)
  3. 72 hour loop recording. Video (night vision/infer red) and Audio. High quality four way directional, sound cancelling, microphones. (Designed to operate close to high speed traffic.)
  4. All data is 100% cloud backed up immediately.
  5. LoJack Go (theft tracking unit) capabilities.
  6. Auto notification, for up to 5 emails, and 5 cell numbers. (Generally requires 2 or more cell bars.)
  7. Operates out of any water tight vehicle, or trailer.
  8. Maneuverable, easily moved.
  9. Only pay a low monthly fee for the full unit, insurance is optional.
  10. Will run continuously without additional electrical power with only 2 hours of 90% solar sunlight daily. Unite can operate off 120v AC, or with its own supplied solar panel. (If power level drops the unit will give you a two hour notice before it shuts down in the event of a power disconnect.)
  11. These units are subsidized by UBERXO (International) Surveillance Division, having 320 demo units operating presently. November 2022 to November 2023.