Enter “term/number/code” HERE in the [SEARCH] box, use “/” >>>>>

If using android/smartphone scroll down to [Search] box. (On some phones “/” is found in ‘numbers 1,2,3’ and then > or <)
One minute audio on how to search /33 POUNDS OFF example:

With all uberXO.com ads there is a term/number/code (generally blue in color), this is what is placed in the search box after a “/” (< Forward Slash), then click enter. The search will take you to the ad you are seeking.

Such terms/numbers/codes as “SAM” would be /SAM, (uberXO.com/SAM) or RX7 would be /RX7, John Doe would be /John Doe. The search engine is not upper/lower case sensitive. For a search of what is available just search it as “/______” and if it is taken it will take you to a site, if not it will say ‘none found’, if ‘none found’ it’s yours to use. The “/” before the term/number/code is the primary identifier necessity in the search field. Numbers can be searched as words or just numerical, both work the same. No one will be aloud to use the / in front on your chosen terms/numbers/codes in their title or body of their site.

>>> MORE INFO:  uberXO.com, what is it? How to ORDER? <<<

Cost: To reserve a “term/number/code” the cost will be 1$ per month, or 12$ per year, and they can be reserved perpetually with yearly payments. 

FREE now for three (3) months, while we are under construction, just email us at uberXOhelp@gmail.com.

NOTICE: In the Paypal ‘order COMMENT’ space, you must place the /term, /number, /code you wish to preserve.

5 XO Options

After funds are received you will be sent email package that gives you a template, with simple instruction, of how to arrange your ‘information/products/ads’ that are to be linked with your /term/code, or /number .