Click on the below “Step by Step Dropbox Access” link, and click again in the next page and a spreadsheet will be placed in your Downloads for a summary of the steps.

Step by Step Dropbox Access

1. When clients order a product it generally comes in two forms

1. Dropbox,

— or —

2. Password.                    The vast majority come by Dropbox.

3. Dropbox is simply an information CLOUD SHARING system. Used by millions around the world.

3.1. Dropbox does not work with Safari and some other browsers. Dropbox works best for me with Chrome Browser.
3.2. When you order a product with us the system sends you an email noticing you that a Dropbox has been shared with you.

4. You can view the shared Dropbox information at anytime by clicking on the invite in your email.

5. The link that takes you to the correct site on the internet is your access key, so it be wise to save that in a secure location (BOOKMARKS), I use KEEPASS.com

6. Or you can down load the simple Dropbox utility and get an account with Dropbox, this will give you 2GB of free storage. This I highly recommend. ((If you do not use the free one they will ask you to pay. This is a needless $$ trick by Drobbox, because it is not necessary to have access to the links/products you order from us that are available through Dropbox for free.

7. With the downloaded Dropbox you will have the shared information in your Dropbox. That way you do not run the chance of losing the email invite link.

8. There is a disadvantage, the products you get from me may take a substantial portion of the 2GBs. Note-you do not need to download what I share with you, you can simply view my Dropbox and save your Dropbox space for your other needs for free.

9. Portions of the package that I send you will be READ/WRITE (RW) by you for our business interactions.

10. The majority is READ ONLY (RO), this is information that you can not change, only view.

11. You will have lifetime perpetual access to the site you pay for, so any updates, which are many, are yours at no cost.

12. Always use only one email to pay with, and the same one to communicate with us, this saves much confusion. All accounts are tracked by email.

13. Do not use the COMMENT messenger in the Dropbox unless specifically instructed to do so, always use email communications. And try to avoid leaving voice messages, email is far superior to conduct business with, and always use the same chain of emails.

a. With Dropbox downloaded on your computer we can share all the necessary documents that are needed to meet your needs.
b. When clients personally place their documents in the  “shared” folder always number them accordingly, this will keep them in order regardless of the titles.

i. FOLDERS are to be numbered as > 1.00-, 2.00-, 3.00, and so on. After the number you can add a long title if you wish. EXAMPLE – 7.00 Discovery Request Sent to Plaintiff.

ii. Note – clients can create as many FOLDERS as they wish in the RW Folder.

iii. Note – clients then can add as as many DOCUMENTS in each individual FOLDER they wish.

iv. Note – All DOCUMENTS placed in any folder must be dated as: EXAMPLE – 23-01-14 Discovery sent Plaintiff.  < That is a document that was created 1/14/2023.  The numbers must be exactly like this with the exact dash, and each part must be two digits. If not done exactly like this it will be rejected by our staff. So behind the dated numbers then you can put any title you wish. This format keeps them in chronological order automatically in our system.

14. This dating format makes it easy for us to identify the folder location, and the exact documents also. If a client want us to look at a DOCUMENT 23-01-14 in Folder 13.00 then all they need do is tell us to go to. F13,D23-01-14. Therefore no need for  messing around with complicated worded titles. 

Paul Hansen, Lawyer, pauljjhansenlaw@gmail.com, last updated 1-25-2023

p.s. – If you notice that I am missing a needed comment as to Dropbox use here please email me and fill me in and I’ll likely add the information to ease everyone’s use of this Dropbox utility.