City of Omaha has Caused great Damage.

Present day picture of 1548 N 19th Street, Omaha, Nebraska [68110] <CLICK HERE< < short link to this page.

Everyone is asking – why/how does this, above property, still remain is such dilapidated state? In short the owner is a lawyer, who has spent, invested, over a million dollars buying and refurbishing homes in “the city”, and has always challenged the “city” to prove authority to apply state/city legislative written law upon private property, and private land. And for that straight forward question/challenge, he gets no answer, except that of 10 homes being demolished without one day of the right of a 4th Amendment due process hearing. So they destroyed many of my 28 homes, my reputation, my savings, and my relationships with those closest to me, and now they are paying many times over by, determination for damages, by 12 jurors, in a U.S. Federal court 42USC1983.

It is interesting that the city has paid $86K for every like lot/home in the area but refuses to pay me a dime for 1547 that they destroyed, but rather charged me 5000$ for its demolition. And now they persist in refuses to pay anything for 1548 though they have purchased and destroyed much better homes all around it to build new federally subsidized housing. Stay tuned for the rest of this story.

We, legal/law acquaintances of mine, have recently won like cases in Florida that received $38.2 million for a like 100$ home taken by the city without law, and we have removed $4.5 billion of property off the tax roles.

Contact me if you wish to challenge “their” claim to tax your land, and your property, as a matter of law, and if not get all the taxes they received by their acts of deprivation of your enumerated rights.

1548 N 19th Street, Omaha, Nebraska [68110]


1547 N 19th Street, Omaha, Nebraska [68110]


ten other like properties of 1547,

All destroyed by ‘Unconstitutional application of City of Omaha Municipal Code’.

It has been found that the said “Municipal Code” only applies to city owned land and property in the same land. The law is limited exactly as state property tax operates. If the state owns the land the state can tax the use of the land, and apply city codes to the same land and property. If no they can only do the same by consensual contract. I ask did you consent to pay property taxes????

People wonder why 1548 N 19 has been allowed to deteriorate, here is the ‘REST OF THE STORY’.

The owner, Paul John Hansen, a 6th Amendment counsel/lawyer, has stopped the city from violating property rights and the CITY OF OMAHA has conspired to destroy me.

The city has torn down approximately 10 homes liken to 1547 N 19 without due process and supporting evidence of law to do so administratively, this being a violation of rights under color of law and Federal cation is in the process presently.

East of 1548 was 1547 >CLICK HERE<

The city had a mock hearing and showed the city counsel the pre-remodeled picture and intentionally failed to show them the remodeled status of the home. The home was perfectly functional, rent-able, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Yet without law (land jurisdiction) they came without due process, dragged out my possessions, and demolished the home, with great enthusiasm, as I stood by patiently. Little did they know that I, an accomplished lawyer, had great confidence that a federal jury would award large damages in the future. So under my stoic expression I was smiling inside$

Years later two of those same ‘CITY OF OMAHA PLANNING DEPARTMENT’, now retired inspectors, met me in secret and said -“Mr Hansen, your where right, the city code only applies to city owned land and not private property.” Then they went into great detail and explained that the city loses all their cases that go to federal court, but so few do get prosecuted that they keep misapplying the law because it is so profitable for the city.

You see only land, and property in that same land, that is owned by by the city/state is taxable, and subject to city/state written law, all the rest of the land in Nebraska (98.6%) if taxed/governed is by deception.