XXXX  –   NEW EVIDENCE: 12-20-2018, Chad admitted to the perverse acts, in his words “CONSENSUAL SEX”, in our words “PASTORAL RAPE”.

We have a girl that is willing to have her audio story aired on this site in less than two weeks. below she tells a little of the whys in telling of her rape by Pastor Chad Peterson.

December 20, 2018, Full deposition of Drug Rape Victim of Pastor Chad Peterson.

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Play below clip as a ‘LIKE’ example of what to expect. >

2It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Luke 17

If we get one more girl coming forward of such activity we have been told that he will be prosecuted.

investigative reporter – RAPE



If you are a victim, or know of a victim, that has been assaulted, or violated, by Pastor Chad Peterson (PICTURE) you are asked to contact this law office at

.   (< 08/26/2022 – this is a new email the last one was compromised the same day it was created, so we may have missed may communications.)

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>[ Thanks to the people (mostly girls) who are providing essential evidence to build the cases, we pray that all who can, hopefully, many more, will be moved to tell their story. There is strength in numbers. }<

Great Adventure Ministries Pastor >, Legal Name – Chadwick Michaels Peterson, a Christ Community Church affiliate.

Date rape is fast becoming a common crime, perpetrators seeking out the unguarded and act out their perversion with little chance of prosecution. Such acts lead to a spread of disease, pregnancies, abortions, and lifelong- threatening shame, even suicide. These girls gain a significant re-empowerment when the perpetrator is exposed and prosecuted. Many such criminals victimize hundreds of girls during their lifetime in various ways, never stopping. Bill Cosby as an, SEE> example.

Chad personally told me calls it “A GAME”, with a “thanks for playing”, a real player attitude. Similar accusations go back twenty plus years.

If you have been threatened, groped, improperly touched, solicited, or violated in any way, by word, or act, or know of someone that has, that evidence is essential to building a solid case against this silent, backroom, crime.

These brave girls have come to understand that they had a duty before God, and Man, to come forward, so that their friends, your friends, your family, your daughters, are not likewise violated. They are only the first, just like as in Bill Cosby’s case, no one knew until ‘one’ person came forward, then, and only then, did the other forty (40) women come and tell their drug-rape story. It often takes just ‘one’ to start the moral movement that is well past due.

Hear the one-hour depositions as she tells how Chad psychologically seduced, drugged, and then raped her. click> (MP3, 2016 not set for the public at this time.) < at 31-minute mark she talks of waking striped, semen on her body, apparently before Chad was able to clean, and re-dress her. (This recording will likely be released in thirty (30) days. we hope that people will come forward so that it need not be aired.)

Police Report – AH78981  Officer Hubbolt, Omaha Police Sexual assault Task Force, (Sealed report.)

State of Nebraska MTF – ‘Marriage and Family Therapist Licensure’, experienced in sexual assault,  who is investigating the case said “it appears that we have a possible serial rapist“, “a man with a narcissistic personality disorder“.

You are not alone, it only takes a few to come forward, it has always been that way, join them. The state will prosecute if a sufficient number of victims comes forward.


ANOTHER’S GIRL’S STORY BELOW, there are many more:

(LINK to story below.) (Every story like this aids substantially in convincing a jury to determine rape.)

Just one of the many horror stories found when googling “Mr Peterson“.
I hope this girl, and many others, also come forward. There is strength in numbers. See her story below:
ca says:

I would like to come forward. I started attending game this year and fell prey to Chad Michael’s manipulation and lies. At first I was impressed I found a good place to study God’s word with genuine individuals who sought after His heart. I was especially intrigued and impressed with Chad as he seemed equally so with me.
However after a few months his behavior began to make me feel uncomfortable. He touched me in ways and placed on my body that were not appropriate, found many opportunities to be alone with me, made me touch him and other things telling me it was ok it wasn’t sex, and told me if I didn’t do what he said I could never come back to game.
I thought surely others must recognize this. But a lot of the leaders are new Christians “baptized” by Chad himself who is not even an ordained minister. He’s duped these poor young women not unlike myself to believe his lies, to believe that a “pastor” is something that he really is not. They do what he says as if he’s the one calling the shots and honestly after spending the last few months away from there and in a new church, I’ve witnessed the real power of god, I’ve felt real worship, had real prayer and I’m surrounded by real Christians. The spirit is so evident to me, but at game it was empty. Now I know why. Their leader is empty. Chad if you’re reading this I forgive you. I feel sorry for you. It must be exhausting to pretend everyday. I pray that you will one day fill the emptiness in your heart that you have tried to hide with lies and false ministries with a genuine relationship with god. You talk a lot to me about finding a wife, if you truly wanted that and sought after gods heart and asked god for that then you would recognize you behavior with us girls as inappropriate. I wouldn’t marry a guy who spends his time taking trip with girls, letting them hang at his house all the time, letting them lay on him or rub his shoulders. I’d look at that boy and say, ” the re s a selfish player”. I feel sorry for you. You may think you’re surrounded by people and you can threaten them, control them, do whatever you want to keep them from leaving and to keep them in your box, but you’ll always be alone, unless you change. You know I use to say I can’t know what’s in a persons heart. You may have a relationship with God but brother you aren’t living a life in validation of it. I’m ashamed of what I allowed of what I witnessed and accepted and of being so proud to be a member. You will fail unless you make radical change and I’d beg public confession and request for forgiveness. You will fail because I realized its all about you, not about god, the ministry, the people, or anything else….its all about Chad.
After making my decision Chad actually had all my friend from game ignore me, everyone stopped talking to me. People I believed who were good Christian friends just fell in line and stone walled me. There is no conviction among a single soul who know Chad and it is a shame. Part of he wants to blame them, but I believe they are even more duped than I. I have the advantage of knowing my faith before him, he didn’t shape it for me but he has poisoned poor girls not as strong as I in false testimonies. I’d beg to offer he’s a false prophet reminiscent of the anti-Christ who will charm his way into peoples hearts. He wears the suit really well, the armor of god would almost fit, except his armor was not formed by god, his was forged by his own hand to look like the armor of god. I asked for forgiveness, god granted it to be because I asked. I hope the other women of game see this and search their own hearts to see the truth about him and feel the conviction of the lord upon their hearts. It’s not too late. And I urge them to share their stories too, he can’t be allowed to continue in this way without true repentance and even then he should not be in his position he’s not fit to lead Christians. I swear on my faith in Jesus Christ this testimony is true and you can share it here in the hope and expectation that others from game or seeking interest in game will find the truth.

ps- Thanks to Paul Hansen who provided the initial site (<click) for us girls to come forward and tell our stories.


Mr Peterson is presently heading up a ongoing ‘ministry’ that reaches out  by G.A.M.E. sex trafficked girls fundraisers, and sex trafficked girls (<click). The question is he also seeking opportunity to get some of these girls alone as well. INFO soon to be added. The Franklin CoverUp, (<click) Sex Traffic, murder, Omaha, relived?


It happened in other cities also.

Donate to the case. Many have notified us as saying; ” what can we do?”  One of the most fundamental element needed are funds for investigators to solicit/advertise, arrange meeting with possible leads, witnesses, and the cost to document the testimony, consider all angles of collaboration, in preparation for court. Any donation to this will greatly enhance such needed discovery. 5$, 10$, from many hands will make any hard work easy.

11-12-2016   Hello Friends. We do not know each other but we all were hurt by he same man. You are truly brave to speak out.

Can I appeal to you? We need to take this further, it is not about you and I anymore. Chad is still hurting and damaging women. It seems with each act he goes further. Chad believes he can not be stopped, so we must stop him.

God be willing we are going to prosecute. There is strength in numbers, please we need you to come forward, and willing, to stand up for what is right. True what he did to me/us is over now, but Chad has not stopped from doing it to others, and will not likely stop unless forced to do so.

Please help us stop him. Respond asap.

Stronger Now Than Ever, Sisters

If in the event we do not get a criminal prosecution we will gather the girls that come forward and ask a jury of 12 men (The American Jury) to determine monetary damages to all those that have evidence of been violated by Mr. Peterson.