Thomas W Hird, Skid Loader Thief

Short Story: Found at —

  1. FROM: Paul Hansen Here, 251-362-8231,
  1. TO: Denise Hird, (Retired Lutheran Pastor, Tom’s Brother.) 
  1. Tom paid me to help him (IRS legal matters), I think it was 5K. 
  1. I was having John Fiala (Houston TX) help me in part, John was supposed to teach me his strategies, and I mine to him. 
  1. John turned on me and began telling preposterous lies about me to “my” clients and poisoned those relationships. 
  1. I was only able to contact two of those past clients again, out of about 10, 8 of them had me blocked per John’s instructions. 
  1. Of just those two John convinced them to give him (35 + 21K), a total of no less than 56K$ dollars, that is more than I make most years. One was Tom, he gave the 21K, which was supposed to be keep a secret from me. 
  1. John did close to nothing for those clients as to factually producing positive results. He only sold them a good-lines like “we only need a little more money for high level eyes to review our pleadings, then we have an excellent chance of winning big”. The same old lies to all the people that I introduced him to. Now remember not one of those were to work with John, they were my clients. 

Skid Loader: 

  1. Tom was desperate for money, some guy failed to show to by the Tom’s Skid Loader for $2,500.00, So I told Tom I was needing one down the road and will pay him that, that same day. 
  1. He agreed, and we had an agreement that he could keep it for me and use it lightly (him and Gabriel) for keeping it for me. 
  1. He befriended me, and I to him. 
  1. He never one time hinted that it should be move, we communicated often at first when he was in Jail, until John began to poison him and then the communication mostly stopped, and was coming to me from John, John never hinted one time as to move the loader. 
  1. It was my understanding that when he got out of jail, we can then arrange to get the loader. 
  1. Then I find that he demanded that I take the ($2,500) money back, I said I want to get the loader, he said through John too late you lost the loader, my wife gave it away. 
  1. I do not want to sue him, could you please tell him to do the right thing and return the loader to me asap. 
  1. I believe Tom is of God’s Kingdom, and I hope he will make this right, and you can convince him also. He has enough of a bad reputation, with man and God, does he really want to cheat me also? 

Sent to the following: (on 7/25.2023) 

Pastor Denise Hird (Tom’s Brother) –  

Cell – 308-529-3164 

Cell – 308-390-4917 



And Seven others.

Turn back time 200 years where you pay for only the work done, and nothing else.

Employ someone who just wants to get “His” pay for “His” services.

Pay only the man that wants to work without paying for three people that do not want to work.


You, the employer*, no longer have to pay the following:

  1. Social Security,

2. Workmens Comp,

3. Employee Insurance,

4. Employee Retirement,

5. Employee State Taxes,

6. Employee Federal Taxes,

7. Employee County, or City Taxes,

8. Payroll Taxes,

9. Medicare Taxes,

10. Withholding FICA,

11. Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax,

12. or Tax Taxes.

13. or Union Anything.

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13. W2,

14. W4,

15. W8,

16. W9,

17. Or any of the other 1000 plus forms for the IRS, State, or United States.

Our written contract with you is only for work preformed, we will have ink-signed agreements between all parties so that he who seeks contract work from us is clearly protected from any personal liability other than the need to be reasonable in providing a biblical safe environment for our people to do their work. We understand that there is always risk, and the only way to eliminate all risk is to do obsoletely nothing, which is reticuloses. The workers agree to work carefully at all times under their own personal commercial liability, as good neighbors always should. All disputes are to be handled amicably between the people contracted, separate from the US courts jurisdiction.

Our legal team will take all responsibilities as defined in our contract, and none is upon the contracting parties.

Terms Defined:

*employer – The party seeking work to be done under contract.

*employee – The party seeking to meet the needs of the employer per the agreed upon contract.

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