‘Planet Fitness’ takes cold cash for cold showers.

‘Planet Fitness’ takes cold cash for cold showers.

Have you ever wondered why Planit Fitness has such low monthly fees?

Well I believe one reason is that they, at some gyms, do not want you to ever take a shower there.

I would go to the gym, work out, and notice that next to nobody ever used the showers. At least never more than once.


Cold showers are no fun, especially when the room is already 65 degrees.

If you want to get sick from getting a deep chill just use the showers at the 132 Street – Center Street – Planit Fitness Gym in Omaha Nebraska.

Three weeks now, even after people complaining constantly, they refuse to heat the water to even a comfortable level.

Last time I went, December 2018, it was warm for 15 seconds, just long enough to get soaked head to toe then here comes the arctic waters, it is horrible. OSHA help!

At least give us a room that we can plug quarters in for a warm shower, please.

And to top it they like to watch you shower, look at below picture the curtain needs to be six inches wider to cover the opening. I guess from now on members need to shower in their swimsuit.

Cold Shoulder – Tim Ellis

Load shower curtain Picture HERE.

Index Numbering

Index Numbering, Tutorial:

Every client has an ‘RW’ Folder, in it is the following tutorial to aid you in numbering ‘all‘ documents. Look for > ‘How/Why we number all folders and all documents for easy identification‘.

Well numbered documents will save you money, and time, in the long run.

It is 10 times easier and more accurate, to locate a ‘numbered folder’ and a ‘numbered document’ than confusing multiple titled ones. We demand it.

Example of all you need to send me to locate a document every time accurately and quickly:

(your account_email@gmail.com/F2.10/D5.00)




List of people tentatively riding in the RV Friday:

  1. 9-18-18 Paul Hansen 100%, (driver) I’m completely flexible of when I can leave Omaha, the sooner the better for me. (I love camping.)
  2. none yet.
  3. none yet,
  4. none yet,
  5. 12th (Max) passenger, none yet.


From: Paul Hansen, cell 402.541.6023,

https://uberxo.com/2018/09/18/botnacamping/     (search under ‘camping’)

TO: DCC Church

I have a 27-foot motorhome.

I’ll be driving to the church camping event in two weeks. (September 28 & 29)

Botna Bend Park

42926 Mahogany Rd, Hancock, IA

(40 miles east of Omaha)


I can carry 12 people comfortably. (Total with the driver.)

If anyone ‘may’ wishes to ride with me just email me your tentativeness.

If you wish to go but things do not work out that is fine.

Just tell me what your chances of going are.

100% = It will take a rapture to stop me from going.

75% = Most likely.

50% = I hope to go.

25% = I want to go but will not likely be able to go, just want to be on the list just in-case it works out.

(I completely understand how some people will go if their friends are going and so forth.)

The link below will compile a list of people that have an interest in going, with their percentages.

Email me, give me your name, phone number, and your best estimate of being able to go.


The RV will be available for sleeping, which is especially handy in the event of inclimate weather.

The RV sleeps 6 then the rollout canopy on the side can get 6 more under it easily.

I recommend bringing a sleeping pad if you sleep outside, plus a sleeping bag, pillow, and a light sheet in the event it is a warm night (sleeping bags are often too hot.

The bathroom will be operational during travel and at the campsite. Gas stove, refrigerator, all A/C works for travel and at a campsite with 120-volt electricity.

p.s. – I’ll cover all gas and entry fees, electrical hookup, etc., as a ministry offering.


I’ll likely try and stay close to Tyler’s schedule as far as the time to go home.

As when leaving we will try to work with the possible riders scheduled.

We will most likely meet at the church parking lot unless people have a better idea of a good place to leave the cars. (I see the church lot has several (many) security cameras now.)


  • Tylers getting there in the morning to set up and spread out to save spots
  • 6 p.m. bonfire for hotdog roasting and marshmallows, hymn sing, devotional – please bring hot dogs or meat for bonfire and dish to share, camping chairs, basketball court, lawn games



  • 8 a.m.?      cook breakfast together – bring your breakfast food and we can share, several griddles and skillets should be available – devotional
  • 9:30 a.m.   hike around park
  • 12:00 p.m. lunch – bring your own
  • 1:00 p.m.   relays
  • 1:30 p.m.   free time to play volleyball/basketball/lawn games
  • 5:00 p.m.   dinner if anyone is staying for it we can eat together


The campground has pit toilets where we will be staying, regular bathrooms and showers are a short drive to the next camping circle

Electrical hookups

We will bring several rectangle tables to set up cooking stations next to electrical outlet– please bring any skillets or griddles for breakfast

We are planning to set out a 5-gallon igloo with ice water – please bring your cups

Will bring our 40 cup coffee pot to make group coffee

Please bring your own table setting, plates, silverware, etc.

The bugs were bad last year!!  We plan to spray Friday.

RV riders bring food for Friday evening meal, Saturday breakfast, noon meal, and evening meal. Travel snacks would be fun also.

I have room for one more bicycle on my bike rack if you so wish to bring one. I have an extra anti-theft lock for your bike if you may need one.

The RV has plenty of room for sleeping cots, folding chairs, coolers, etc.

Topic#, Tracking#, Instructions

Topic# —   Last Recorded 9-26-2018

(Color coding is only for demonstration purposes.)

How to ‘mark’ documents for easy location and identification, by specific topic, of all your/our filings.

Every document will have its own identifier for every individual client and yet be identifiable by topic.

(topic#/sub-topic/dropbox address/folder#/doc.#)

EXAMPLE > (7764/6532/Jay@gmail.com/F2.2/D1.2)

This code is to be placed at the base of every document for easy identification and search. (6 font is best) This code will be the lead title of the document. Only documents will have this code, it is not for folders.


Topic# = each topic/type of document will have its own four-digit number. (The index will be found in my site under “Topic#”. Just put it in the search box in any of my primary sites.

Sub-Topic# = The Topic# will be the main subject like ‘IRS’ general topics, then the subtopic will be more specific like ‘IRS Liens’.

Dropbox = Dropbox address goes here, which is generally an email address.

Folder# = Folder number goes here. Each folder has its own number under the specific Dropbox address (email/name).

Doc.# = Document number goes here. Each Document in a folder has its own number.


Topic# :

(Numbers will be added as needed.)





2018.26 – Citation, CR/TR.

















2018.27 – Travel, Right








Sub-Topic# :

(Numbers will be added as needed.)





2018.26 Due Process violation, denial of the record for appeal.

















2018.27 – Travel, Right – Questionnaire upon state officers, affidavit form.







‘Person’ not to be personal. IRS/State Challenge.

(The underlined is added comments by Lawyer Hansen. 8-10-2018, the below is a letter sent to Hansen by Rivera.)

Hello Paul John Hansen:

State and federal laws may only tax income which is taxable. This means all corporate income may be made taxable because corporations are the product of state or federal law. 

The state (US) created the corporate entity, the state regulates/governs/taxes the business of ‘their’ corporate entity.

Individual income is only taxable when those individuals elect to declare it to be taxable by electing to making a state or federal income tax return and paying the tax on that return.

All association/business of a man with the United States is by consent (election).

States and the federal government create laws that appear to make corporations and individuals criminally liable if they do not file an income tax return. Take for example, the State of California Revenue & Taxation Code Section 19706, which only applies to corporations although it is commonly applied to individuals:

Revenue & Taxation Code Section 19706.  Any person or any officer or employee of any corporation who, within the time required by or under the provisions of this part, willfully fails to file any return or to supply any information with intent to evade any tax imposed by Part 10 (commencing with Section 17001 ) or Part 11 (commencing with Section 23001 ), or who, willfully and with like intent, makes, renders, signs, or verifies any false or fraudulent return or statement or supplies any false or fraudulent information, is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or in the state prison, or by fine of not more than twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), or by both the fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, together with the costs of investigation and prosecution.
Standard rules of statutory construction require that laws have but one subject.

The one given law must apply to only one class/type, either the class/type of corporation, or the class/type of ‘individual’ (individual man), the law forbids both to be of the same US written law.

The subject of Section 19706 is “Any person or any officer or employee of any corporation who.” As all officers and employees are persons, the subject of Section 19706 can be reduced to “Any person.”  The subject of Section 19706 is “Any person of any corporation.” They are the officers and employees of corporations who are duty-bound to do the acts required by law or refrain from committing acts prohibited by law.

The deception is in the ” Any person or any officer…”, where it appears to the untrained that the term ‘person’ is an ‘individual’ such as a ‘man’ (a man like you), when in fact in true context the statutory rule governs and that ‘person’ is not, can not be, a man, but can only be a ‘corporate person‘, as an officer of a corporation who has a legal duty to file or supply information to the state.

In order to make Section 19706 applicable to individuals with no association to any corporation, the phrase “any corporation,” would have to be removed.  Section 19706 only prescribes penalties for certain acts or omissions to act. As there is no law requiring an individual who fails or refuses to make a return, there is no obligation to make a State of California income tax return and, therefore, no income tax liability.  If your state imposes a personal income tax, it has a penalty statute similar to Section 19706. Find yours and send it to me for my analysis.

All 50 district ‘STATE of xxxx’, are governed the same. All participate in this fraud for billions of revenue dollars that they are not entitled to. If people stopped submitting state filings that make it appear that they are ‘persons’ statism control would come to a screeching halt, for no money no control. Then and only then would the people see the opportunity for self, and local community governance. Instead of contributing to ‘building colonies on Mars’ you can build them in your own community. Support your independent (of US) state as being one of the 50 states united.

Founders of America wrote in 1776, in the Declaration of Independence, that God says ‘man’ has unalienable Rights. Your property, your income, is not lien-able, not tax-take-able.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera  (Once was a BAR licensed attorney.)

Note – US/United States is synonymous with ‘state’.

CONTACT – Paul Hansen through freeinhabitant.info, or pauljjhansenLAW@gmail.com. There is a simple process that you can utilize to challenge the IRS/US to prove that you are a taxable person without risk of prosecution upon your ceasing to file a U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, which eliminates any chance of intent as is required for any prosecution by the IRS/US. We can aid you with the ‘Request for a 26 USC 6203 Assessment’, with accompanying affidavit, by notary presentment, certified mailing by three participating notaries.


Case 89-2018-001

Google Form #15.00, 6-13-2018, 89-2018-001:

– As of 6-13-2018:

RE: This is a group communication for the Jurors in Case 89-2018-001.

– The following have not joined the chat room yet. > j5, j6, j7, j12.

– As of this date the following have joined this Chat. > Court Clerk-cc, Petitioner-P, j1, j2, j3, j4, j8, j9, j10, j11.

– This FORM #15.00 has been sent to all jurors and Petitioner by the IJSCCourt Clerk.

– Only A Few jurors have posted (any) substantial questions or responses.

– We understand that just because a juror is not making post does not mean they are not meticulously considering all post being made.

– This FORM #15.00 is being sent out due to prompting of several jurors.

– It may be necessary to offer to any jurors that do not wish to participate that they contact us by this FORM so that others may be added in their place.

– By answering all questions in this FORM the Court will be greatly helped in evaluating the level of participation of all jurors and if any additional steps are needed to provide a fair trial.

Questions for Jurors:

a. For aid you can read this link before proceeding with this questionnaire. > https://uberxo.com/2018/06/13/1500-form-info/

1. I have exercised due diligence in reading the Petitioners Claim?

2. I have been reading the Chat Room conversations consistently?

3. I have read all of the evidence and other documents provided in the Case Dropbox files?

4. I have joined the Chat Room and made comments or posted questions?

5. I do know how to join the Chat Room?

6. I have not joined the Chat Room but will soon?

7. I need help to join the Chat Room?

8. I wish to be removed from this case?

9. I wish for jurors to have a verbal or audio Chat Rooms available?

10. I am interested in a verbal, recorded (archived), Chat Room meeting once a week, starting at 6:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time) each Tuesday for any who wish to join? (Conference Number 712.451.0950, Pass-code 394266.) The proposed recorded Chat Room audio would be available for any person to review, at anytime, thereafter, vi. internet link. Starting on 6-19-2018. If no one is at the Chat Room at 5:55 > 6:05pm CST it will be assumed that no juror chat will take place that individual Tuesday. Any party of the case, or any juror, can offer to bring in additional people to provide impute in to any issue germane to the issues at hand. The majority jury vote has complete control of all activity of this case.

11. I will join this cases verbal Chat Room on 6-19-2018 at 6:00 CST?

Conference Call Playback Instructions, FCC & Uber:

Conference Call Playback Instructions, FCC & Uber:

To access FCC recordings:

  1. Go to your Dropbox [RO Folder].
  2. Go to [1.00- Hours, Payments] document.
  3. Go to the [date] of the call.
  4. Go to [Receipt #] collum and look for links that look like > https://fccdl.in/l88F63xxtr.
  5. Click on the link and it should play on your computer.
  6. The mp3 recording may only be archived for 30 days so it is highly recommended that you make a recording of this for your own records if you so incline.


The Uber recording is much the same except it is placed directly into your [RO Folder ledger-account] as a mp3 recording.

  1. Go to [1.00- Hours, Payments] document.
  2. Look for titles that look like [Uber 101317.mp3].         The 101317 = October 13 2017.
  3. Open the file and it should play on your computer.
  4. It is only garanteed to be accessable for one year.


uberxo.co/jurychatroom, INFO

Jury Chat Room INFO:             (‘Jury’ is synonymous with 12 in-bank judges.)

The jury chat room is our internet site tool where each juror may chat, being identified by individual juror number,  1 to 12.

j6” < Example of juror number 6 chat room identifier. (When joining the chat room identify yourself as such – j1, j2, etc.)

Aiding court clerk will be “CC“.

If the jury elects to allow the below participants these identifiers will operate:

P” for Petitioner/Plaintiff,

R” for Respondent/Defendant,

W1” for witness number 1.

The individual jurors can then type in any communication they wish and their comment will be identifiable by their juror number and be archived in the chain of communications, and such will operate as potential evidence before the jurors.

Example > (j7, In answer to j3 comment I agree, as to juror j6, I disagree for the following reasons……….)

The chat room is also added to conference rooms where the jurors can talk to each other by phone and/or internet.

The court clerks believe that it is good to let all the above-listed participants have access to the chat room. Any person that disturbs the chat room can be removed by majority vote of the jurors. (7 of 12 is a majority)

The jury may allow additional evidence into the case at any time before the final case determination is made. So if the jury has questions, or if any party wishes to introduce evidence or any aiding INFO, it can be allowed by the jury.

All chat room written dialog is retained as part of the court record.

To join chat room you will receive a confidential LINK in your email to the case chat room, it will look much like this > https://stin.to/xxxxx   (each case chat room has it’s own individual link.)

We ask that the jurors not communicate with one another except by the chat room, or during conference call deliberations. Jurors are allowed to dialog all they wish, at any time, with as many, or as few, of the jurors present. Yet we do encourage that the communication is germane to the case.

If you are reading this it is highly likely that the CHAT ROOM LINK has been sent to your email already. Search for 14.03, ‘JURORS FORM QUESTION‘ in your subject line in your emails.

The first time you click on the CHAT LINK, or enter it into your URL, you will be prompted to create your ‘chat room name’.

[Enter your chat name……] as an example put in j1 if you are Juror 1, and if you were Juror 6 put in j6.  No names, please. (It can be in upper or lower case.) (If the jurors elect to use names the court clerk can accommodate.)

The chat room software has a ‘spell checker’ for your convenience.

If you have any question email courtclerk107@gmail.com.

Remember this court is in the building process, it will get better as we go. We are trying to keep it simple, yet productive, and above all fair/biblical.

If you wish to practice in an identical chat room forum CLICK >  HERE, to go and set up a chat room you and any friend can practice in.)

(The chat room server we are presently using expires after a few days of none use, that is why this one has stopped working. We will get one that stays open in the future for all our needs.)

(Eventually, a youtube will be available to show people all workings of the court. As they say – “A picture is worth a thousand words.”)