uberXO.com, what is it, how does it work, how do I get one.


The word “uber” means – beyond. (german)    “XO means – officer in charge (military slang). So uberXO, simply put, in our application, is a “JUMP” to the “OFFICIAL INFO”.

No more need to say, on the radio or TV- your name, company name, address, phone numbers, website address, or any of this slash, hash, forward, stuff that few people can understand or remember, all one needs to do now is say-

uberXO.com/97                        (bumpers-sticker example > uberXO.com/97 )

uberXO.com/ANN                     (billboard example > uberXO.com/ANN )



uberXO.com/m1s-1, /I AM SAM, or any thing you can dream of.

Or any simple phrase, that is not used by another person in the uberXO system. You are essentially paying for the exclusive right to use your “/term” in this uberXO site.

Daily talk shows (for example) simply say XO 97, or UBER 97, for their listeners are well acquainted with associating XO, or uber, with uberXO.com.

Here is a common scenario:  Alex Jones (www.infowars.com) is selling a CD about the “NO Savings with National Health Care Providers”, he could state the whole product name several times, with his www.site address, and a phone number, or he could simply state “uberXO.com Health Care”, or just “XO 16” (or anything Alex wishes) and the people driving down the busy highway only needs to remember the short phrase and they can easily locate it at uberXO.com when they get stopped.

Our goal is to make “uberXO.com“, uberXO. “XO“, or “XO number” all recognized household terms.

The listener simply goes to uberXO.com, searches the term “Health Care“, “16“, or even “Alex Jones“, or “infowars” and it will take them directly to all the XO product LINKS placed there by Alex. The site will automatically, or will instructs them to put in the “/” before the “term” in the [search box], you do not need to mention this, it’s unnecessarily complicates the message.

No more writing down information while driving, or memorizing long product names and so forth.

Another example:  On any billboard, bumpersticker, or on you blogs, you simply put “uberXO.com/77“, and anyone can go to the site and search /77 and it will take them right to your site/page INFO, and all for only 1$ a month.

Example of bumper sticker on a car one of our client has selected >     uberXO.com/PLATE      ((Just go to the XO site type in /Plate and you are at his site where all the links and information are easily accessed.))

Simple as 1,2,3.   We ask that the national standard be as above: (1.) uber be in black letters all lowercase, (2.) XO always in red uppercase (BOLD), (3.) and the term/number/code in blue, for consistent recognition, with “/” always before each in blue also.

uberXO.com KICK, STOP, GO, RIGHT, WRONG, UBER2, EXIT, XP7, ME3d, You, TUMP, vote4MEPJJH, google, or even your name, company name, any phone number, anything that is not taken in uberXO is yours to use.

Every term/number/code will have it’s own www.page in uberXO.

Cost: To reserve a “term/number/code” the cost will be 1$ per month, or 12$ per year. PAY > [PAYPAL-BUTTON], it can be reserved perpetually with yearly payments.

FREE      Three (3) month free trial if you sign up now, as we are in development stages.

NOTICE: This service will not be allowed to be used for any violation of law, infringing on people’s rights, or for any promotion of immorality. If any such activity is noticed please email uberXOservice@gmail.com, and we will remove it promptly. uberXO.com reserves the right to restrict any use we believe not proper.

((At uberXO we strive to promote Christ in all our ways.))