INTRO, Hansen’s Services

Paul John Hansen, is a lawyer (non-BAR-legal-counsel) that aid people with the following:

  1. Enable people to ask the IRS if they are required to provide returns, or keep records for revenue purposes. (Few Americans are required…)
  2. State Taxes, the same as above. (If thee is no federal requirement there is likely no state….)
  3. States can only charge sales tax for business done in state owned land. (Only 25% of land in America is state owned.)
  4. City, state, county, and municipalities, are limited to the same above limitation.
  5. Many/most foreclosures are lacking standing, and can be stoped as a ‘matter of law’, or for lack of contract.
  6. Most traffic violations can be dismissed for lack of jurisdictional elements. (Same land jurisdictions as above.) Google “Right to Travel“)
  7. Most state and federal ‘child Protection Services’ (CPS) interventions lack jurisdiction, and belong to the local peoples common law remedies.
  8. Probate, and Inheritance taxation, is almost always unconstitutionally applied.
  9. Most ‘dissolution of marriage‘ actions are not of the courts jurisdiction, but are to be of church jurisdiction only. (If the court treated you unfair you can possibly have the courts determinations vacated.) (This included child custody issues.)
  10. Contact me for all questions for all taxes, fees, cost, fines, or any violation of your rights.
  11. Spent 35$ for an hour for counsel time, and save thousand, or possibly millions, like many of my past clients.
  12., Cell/Text 251-362-8231 (CDTime)