‘Planet Fitness’ takes cold cash for cold showers.

‘Planet Fitness’ takes cold cash for cold showers.

Have you ever wondered why Planit Fitness has such low monthly fees?

Well I believe one reason is that they, at some gyms, do not want you to ever take a shower there.

I would go to the gym, work out, and notice that next to nobody ever used the showers. At least never more than once.


Cold showers are no fun, especially when the room is already 65 degrees.

If you want to get sick from getting a deep chill just use the showers at the 132 Street – Center Street – Planit Fitness Gym in Omaha Nebraska.

Three weeks now, even after people complaining constantly, they refuse to heat the water to even a comfortable level.

Last time I went, December 2018, it was warm for 15 seconds, just long enough to get soaked head to toe then here comes the arctic waters, it is horrible. OSHA help!

At least give us a room that we can plug quarters in for a warm shower, please.

And to top it they like to watch you shower, look at below picture the curtain needs to be six inches wider to cover the opening. I guess from now on members need to shower in their swimsuit.

Cold Shoulder – Tim Ellis

Load shower curtain Picture HERE.