$10,000 Scam by Shawn Stuller, Pensacola, FL

Mr Hansen (Paul John Hansen, Lawyer, freeinhabitant.info), 2-5-2020
I had to write when I saw your post on Shawn’s page warning the public.  I’ve been friends with his mother since her 3 boys and my 4 children have been born.  All her kids ended up being criminals and mine upstanding citizens.  So I haven’t been in contact with any of them for years.
The father‘s name is Thomas Anthony Stuller who is in Escambia county jail as we speak.  His mother’s name is Carolyn R. Bell.
My idiot brother (age 59) received a battery charge in December and entered Santa Rosa county jail where he ran in to Shawn.  I warned him Shawn could sell ice to an Eskimo but no one would listen to me.  Shawn won him over with his talk about being a paralegal and how he could help him get out of his charge.  Again I told my brother and my 85 year old mother he took classes in PRISON!  They still didn’t listen.  So Shawn convinced him that if he would just bail him out too, he could do all the paperwork he needed.  So he did, I’m sorry to say.
The first thing Shawn did was get them a motel room in a motel that Shawn had a no trespassing order.  Shawn got taken back to jail and my brother got kicked out for association.  Shawn some how talked his way out of jail and met back up with my brother.  Then Shawn borrowed my brother’s car to meet with his probation officer (so he said) and never brought the car back saying he needed it to work on both of their cases.  That’s been a month now.  During this time Shawn started going to my mother saying he needed money to file these motions.  He had several different “reasons” throughout the month and ended up extorting almost $10,000 from my mother and her 85 year old boyfriend

Almost all in cash but sometimes in checks when it was over a thousand at a time.  The cash was $800 here, $500 there, a few $300….you see what I mean.  Then this past Friday I got involved.
He was to meet my mother for another $1,000 but after waiting over 3 hours for him to show up, he text and said he couldn’t meet until Superbowl Sunday.  So we waited all day Sunday again.  At that time we knew he wasn’t going to get anymore money but we needed the car back.  We led him to believe he was getting another check if he would just show up with the car.  We think he was catching on to us because again he didn’t show up saying he was at church then lunch with his pastor.  All the while we’re saying just bring back the car!  He says his truck is in Alabama and he can’t continue to work on my brother’s case without transportation.  So no-show again.
That night my daughter googled Shawn Stuller, Pensacola and we saw everything about him.  We posted it on Facebook and had all our friends looking for him all over Pensacola beach.  He caught wind of that too and slithered away.  Monday my brother said he had an appointment with his team at the cancer center and he needed his car.  Late that afternoon he abandoned the car in Pensacola and said come get it!  Of course he was gone.  My brother got there and everything he owned in the car was gone. (All his clothes, medical marijuana, blank checks) and he had taken a hammer and destroyed the entire interior.
We think he’s out of our life now and we know he will get caught scamming someone else and we pray he gets caught .  The police wouldn’t help get the car back because my brother originally gave him the keys so they said we had to trap him and if he didn’t give the keys, then we could call 911.  That never happened because he found out we were on to him.
That’s it!  I hope somebody gets that scum before he has other victims.  
Thanks for listening,
Cindy T. Hardy