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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                                             11-5-2016

Qa-What is the LINK to FAQ page?

Dropbox source > __________< add for office only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)          (Change only in Dropbox.)

Q1-Can I talk to Hansen briefly? Can I visit with Hansen briefly at no cost such as counsel time?

A1-Hansen has thousands of people that contact him yearly, He simply does not have a great deal of free time, Hansen therefore requires all counsel time to be prepaid.

Q1.1-What if I have some good new information that Hansen can add to his sites? How do I discuss this with Hansen without paying for counsel time?

A1.1-If you have information that you believe is valuable to Hansen just email a briefing of what you wish to share and Hansen will review it and if it is something that he can use, or is interested in at this time, he will email you back and arrange a counsel time at no cost.

Q2-When will Hansen have time to talk/counsel time?

A2-If you are prepaid, or cleared for a free counsel time, Hansen can potentially counsel at most anytime, just text Hansen at 402-541-6023 and give your email address, last name, COUNSEL NOW? , and Hansen will generally text back immediately stating that now is a good time or when a good time will be, put UBER RECORD in your text if you want it recorded.

Q3-How do I arrange counsel appointments?

A3-Email Notice > instructions: Copy and past the below link in your URL address bar, or it may open by clicking on it.

Set day, and time, as Central Standard Time, by email with Hansen.

Text Hansen (402-541-6023 cell) five minutes before you get on the conference call just to remind all of the pending call. Hansen will text you like wise if he has your number. Call if he does not text you back immediately.

Conference: 213-992-5232 PIN: 00859 URL:

Conference number is 213-992-5232, pin number is 00859. (Often the pin is not required, it will prompt you to enter if needed.)

Computer to computer is believed to be encrypted, (Uber is a german based service) if any cell phone is used it is recorded by order of the United States, and is digitally stored perpetually, and is evidence for any US court prosecution. (All cell phone calls are archived by congressional order.)

To conference Uber to Uber place this >,

in the address bar and hit enter and it will connect us securely. We can text and send documents in the same conference also, as we talk, we have option to record the conversation for your review after we are completed (it is available for 30 days, if you wish you can save it to your own hard-drive for perpetual access.

You do not need to have a Uber account to conference with me. If you wish to conference Uber to Uber, I believe you do need to open your own account (this is the site that you then place my 52565698 # in the URL).

Q3.1-How to save your Uber conference audio:

I now convert it to MP3 and drop it in your Dropbox (this is good perpetually), if you have no Dropbox then I’ll email the link to you and that is good for 30 days. Add instruction PPT.

Q4-Where is the list of products you provide?


Q4.1-1-How do I order your products?

A4.1-Each product has a Paypal button, if paying by Paypal. If you wish to pay me directly just send me a list of products you wish for and how you wish to have them delivered. I must have a email address if at all possible. Products are higher if sent in paper form, normally they are all deliverable by internet through Dropbox.

Q5-How do I pay for your products?

A5- Just go to >  and click on the DONATE button and fill in any amount, any donated funds can be used for later purchases also.

A51- Or pay with: Check, Cash, See below, or ‘Venmo’ a tool in PayPal, or most any standard money transfer system used in America, just contact us and we will make it work.

Q6-How do I just give a donation?

A6-Just go to >  and click on the DONATE button at the top of the page and fill in any amount, any donated funds can be used for later purchases also, even years later.

Q6.1-How do I mail you money, payments? What is Hansen’s mailing address?

A6-1-Payable to: Paul John Hansen, 1548 N 19th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68110, without the United States. (Not a resident Address)

Q7-How do I pay for counsel time?

A7-A6-Just go to >  and click on the DONATE button at the top of the page and fill in any amount, any donated funds can be used for later purchases, or counsel time, even years later.

Q8-What is the best way to contact Hansen?

A8-Always use email, all other ways get lost easily.

Q9-What is Hansen’s main email address?

Q10-What is Hansen main phone number?

A10-Hansen’s cell phone is 402-541-6023, but he does not wish to communicate with clients except by email. Use your account email (, always use same chain of emails. This works far better for Hansen, phone messages often get lost, email messages never get lost.

Q11- How do I get a password to login so I can read more of your site?
I don’t see a place to register for a password?

A10- At>      Each product has a PayPal button, when you pay here a link-page is sent to you with the password enclosed for your access perpetually. 

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