Lawyer teaches you how to drive with no registration, plates, liability insurance, or operator’s license in any of the 50 states.

State written law applies to land owned by the state, most all land, most all roads, in Nebraska, is not government owned, not even the interstate, and if you ever venture on a “state” owned road you must be evidenced as “offering your vehicle to the public for hire“, which they assume when you hand them a state operators license. You have many rights, the state wants you to think otherwise and charge you when they see fit, yes they charge us tens of millions falsely.

Lawyer uses Self Registration and private Operators License / I.D.

Audio Clip < Hansen’s / Lawyers Plate

Search “right to travel” freeinhabitant.info,  pauljjhansen.com.

10-31-2016 Under Construction, will be done in a few days.

No Registration (Plate), Insurance, or Driver’s License (big3)

(Also no sales tax on new car purchases.)

Cops leave me alone because I know the basic laws they must follow, you can too.

If you are not “offering your vehicle to the public for hire” you do not need the big three, it is that simple.

Order the “What to say when stopped” INFO.

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