DISCORD, for better communications.

DISCORD, for better communications.

DISCORD is a tool we presently use to do the following:

  1. Communicate with clients that are retained by contract.
  2. Pool all communications from one individual client into one location, chronologically.
  3. Each communication is dated, and the client is asked to mark each individual posting numerically by adding a paragraph number to the posting. Example > (3), (4), (5.1). Such numbering makes for easy referencing of past communications.
  4. Once a DISCORD account is setup all one need do is send an email with your name abbreviation in the email and stating. > SEE DISCORD.  (Example – if your name was Paul John Hansen, your discord identifier will be ‘PJH‘.
  5. How to add DISCORD to your smartphone or computer > ________________.
  6. DISCORD is for internet gamers, so if anyone knows of a more simplistic tool to do the same please contact us and we will consider using it for all of our clients’ needs. pauljjhansenLAW@gmail.com           Thanks

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