Conference Call Playback Instructions

Conference Call Playback Instructions:

To Join the call:
Dial in number: 720-835-5190
PIN: 24128


To access past recorded conference calls:

  1. Go to your RO Dropbox Folder.
  2. EXAMPLE > if a conference call occurred on 12/29/2018 it will be identified as a mp3 document in the RO Folder as ‘uber122918‘.  (If more than one call per day a sequence letter will be added on the end.)
  3. The calls are subject to removal after 60 days. They are in mp3 so they can easily be save (downloaded) by any client on/to their personal computer.
  4. Our cloud storage may become limited in the future that is why they are subject to removal after 90 days.
  5. Any client can open a free and get 2GB storage for free to save your mp3 securely in their cloud.



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