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101 Sales Tax, by honest Lawyer:

All ‘tax’ is a ‘use-tax’, all use tax is by ‘right’ a ‘property-right’, the US written laws cannot interfere with ‘property-rights’ (right to contract), for such is theft.

Applied-taxation is applied-contract.

If you wish to use my:

land, property, or time, I, and any state has right to charge a fee (tax) for such.

In America we have People, states, and states within a state (states are le·gal fic·tion, People are not.

The 50 union states are independent of the United States, The federal states [i]n the 50 states is land owned/en-trusted, by ‘The United States of America’ (the styled name for the Confederacy).

‘Land’ is space, ‘property’ is what lies within a space (land).

If you use my ‘land’ or my ‘property’, you pay me what tax I wish.

If I use your ‘land’ or your ‘property’, I pay you what tax you wish.

If any man uses any states land or state property, that man pays that state what tax it wishes.

Sales taxes are indirect (privilege use tax).

The US is forbidden to lay any indirect tax upon the People of the 50 states. (People of the 50 states are not ‘US citizens’, US citizen is a privileged status.)

The US is limited as to what indirect taxes it can lay upon US citizens.

Few people born on American land have elected to become a US citizen.

Only states can lay a Congressional-determined, apportioned-tax (direct-tax), upon People of the 50 states.

Flat-rate, indirect-tax, i.e. ‘sales-tax’, can be applied to acts ‘in’ land of the US, flat rate, direct-tax cannot be applied generally upon business ‘in’ land not owned by the US.

Art. 1, Sec. 8, Par. (17) identifies US land.

In Nevada it is hard to do business without the US for Nevada is 84% owned by the US, Connecticut is easy, only .4% is owned by the US.

Sales tax is constitutional in federal zones, sales tax is grossly UN-constitutionally applied in non-federal zones.

Lawyer Hansen, freeinhabitant.info.

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