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The People of Nebraska,
Our One Supreme Court,
Common Law Venue; Original and Exclusive Jurisdiction,
A Superior Court Sitting with the Power of a Circuit Court,
District Court, in, and for, Douglas county de jure,
United States of America, not a UNITED STATES court,
are archived in ‘The Independent Jural Society Community Court’
Association Registration Number NE1, State 107, County 01

People in and for the United States of America ex rel
John Doe, a man, as Petitioner, Claim, Complaint, Request,Notice
Case No. 107 2017
Jane Doe , a man, as Respondent.

Basis of Jurisdiction: Free man may convene, and conduct, a court of record, and operate under American common law, as authorized by the Word of God, generally accepted commercial law, and natural law, providing all due process, over all acts that occur in their jurisdiction, community, of all acts related to the Petitioners, Plaintiffs claim, as this Court process to operate, as right, without the United States…….

The above is a court that US District court judges have written statements, which is in our possession, in certified US court record form, that it is a valid court, and that they have no jurisdiction to interfere with any proceedings, or judgments, from such a court.
Recipients of this mailing are now asked to volunteer as jurors to sit on such a court.
All that is required is that you be male, 20 years old, American resident for seven years, willing to swear in writing, as before God, that you will strive to maintain impartiality, and apply biblical principles when making conclusions of the facts and the law, for each case, as one of the twelve panel judges. Providing you have good access to the internet to preform the task.
The case will proceed by internet correspondence.
The Petitioner, Plaintiff, will present their case in a documentary form for internet viewing, and the Respondent, Defendant, will then present their rebuttal in the same way.
The jurors will then view the evidence of both sides, as each juror has time, and then proceed to efficiently work together over the internet, and create findings for the case.
Jurors, Judges can not be held liable, in any way, except by God.
Contact the Clerk of the Court at the following email if you wish to aid your country man as a judge in future cases. court clerk 107 @ g mail dot com
All God requires for ‘due process’ is a fair trial for all involved.
Upon inquiring you will be sent the full operation of the process for civil cases.

>Send below links to any person interested in acting as a common law judge.


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