Why I started a ‘Paul Severe Briefing’ Facebook, uberxo.com77.

  1. Paul Severe Briefing‘ < CLICK, Facebook shall be used for application, information, and update reports, related to living independent of the United States, and the utilization of American Common Law various remedies.

2. ‘Paul Sever Briefing‘ is a ‘Facebook Social Networking‘ site that is used only to send you an occasional, normally only one weekly posting from the host.

3. If you have an interest in proper application of all laws on American soil, and the liberty such laws insure, send an ‘invite request‘ to ‘Paul Severe Briefing‘ (Omaha, Nebraska, see my picture below).

4. So just as Paul Revere informed the liberty minded Americans of the British troop movements, so Paul Severe will do as to the United States movements.

5. Just as men broke away from British imperialism so can men break away from the United States empire.

So you will be noticed of the best of the best for the week.

Clients generally love it.

Paul Severe, Omaha, NE (Paul John Hansen, freeinhabitant.info)

Just search for me by Facebook and REQUEST that I INVITE YOU.

Other sites maintained by the host: freeinhabitant.info, pauljjhansen.com.

My other Facbook is ‘Paul John Hansen’, that will be used for more personal social media, whereas the above will be on law only.




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