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You have heard that location, location, location, as key in real-estate value.

Now you will learn that contract, contract, contract, is key when dealing with governance in America.

  1. Pre 1776 America based British Colonies were governed by the British Monarchy (King) through charter (contract) association.
  2. Many American wished to break away from the King due to his breaking of the charter contracts.
  3. Declaration of Independence (ending of contractual relationships).
  4. July 4th America Colonies began self governance primarily by carrying on with American Common Law, a law form similar in many ways to the English (British) Common Law, but much different in many ways also.
  5. Upon successfully shaking off the bands of British rule, by the American Revolution War, the American Colonies began almost completely autonomous self governance.
  6. 1777 the Articles of Confederation were established to create a union (contract) between the 13 Colonies with the primarily goal of driving British Military forces off America soil.
  7. This Articles of Confederation was sufficient to defeat the most powerful military force on the face of the earth at that time. See Time-Line > http://www.pauljjhansen.com/?p=136 The Articles (government) had close to no taxing power over any Colonies, and less, possibly none, over individual men.
  8. 1787 – Northwest Ordinance for the Government of the Territory of the United States (land purchased under trust in the name of “The United States of America’ the Union). Consisting primarily of land North-West of the River Ohio, and also known as the ‘The Ordinance of 1787′) was an act of the Congress of the Confederation of the United States (the Confederation Congress). (Ten years after the Union was developed in 1777.) Acting as a temporary government until the land was sold to the private sector.
  9. 1789 Completion of the ratification of the ‘Constitution of/for the United States’, as an addition (tool) to/for the ‘Union’, not a replacement. One can still get a certified copy of the Articles from the U.S. archive division, only active written law can be certified, repealed written law can not be certified. (So I have been told.) Though I have been told that one can not get a certified copy of the U.S. constitution anymore, possibly because of foul play with various amendments such as the 13th and 16th.
  10. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. ( The term more is an addition not a creation, for is likewise a ‘tool’ term, not a organic creation. The Articles were a ‘organic’ (beginning) creation.
  11. The rest is history in my study, from this point on various men have take the U.S. written laws that exist to only govern the U.S. property given it by/in trust of the People, and forever expanded it into the private sector. All this by ‘contract law’ under the disguise of general law (duty, proprietary law).
  12. Vast numbers of law is written to govern (tax, control) government holdings, it is a rightful use tax, the problem is that they, U.S. agent now apply this same written law upon holdings that are not of the U.S., all with the aid of U.S. courts, American Bar Association, Main Media, and primarily by public education (or lack of). One lies and the other swears to it.
  13. The U.S. court agents will claim clean hand because of un-rebutted, prima facia, evidence of a binding ‘contract’.
  14. All relations with the U.S. is now by contract (contact), and none other.
  15. No services from the U.S. is by right for any man, all is an offered service (charged service).
  16. All CITY, COUNTY, STATE, and U.S. is (being the same thing as) of the UNITED STATES of America.
  17. California’s own Constitution (A3s1) states that, “The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land”. Inseparable means – consisting of the same thing.
  1. All such ‘state’ are of the same body, CA, NE, TX, etc.
  2. ‘State’ of Nebraska, ‘State’ of California is only land within the geographical boundaries of ‘Nebraska’, ‘California’ that is owned under the styled name as “The United States of America”, as such style is required in the Articles of 1777. Nebraska is approximately 1.4% owned by the U.S., and CA is about 34%, Nevada a whopping 84%. The U.S. now owns 30% of America (land between Canada and Mexico).
  3. The ‘UNION’ can only own land for five years and it must be placed into military purpose. See Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 17, of the U.S. Constitution.
  4. All land owned under the parameters of its charter (U.S. Constitution) is taxable (governable/use fee) by the U.S. Legislative (law makers) enactments that are true to it’s organic charter.
  5. If your land is ‘of’ the U.S. it is of the taxing laws generally (proprietarily), if it is not ‘of’ the U.S. it can only be subject to the offered ‘service’ by contract.
  6. Every law of every city, county, state, is only for acts done on U.S. owned land unless a contract is agreed upon.
  7. Living on U.S. land is only by contract.
  8. If your land is associated with a Land Patent issued by the U.S. this means the land was once sold by the U.S. and they must have evidence of deed to govern proprietorially, if no Land Patent it is owned by the U.S., as associated with any land associated with the Louisiana Purchase and other southern and westward lands.
  9. Water, gas, sewer, electricity, public schools, fire department, use of public buildings, use of U.S. land, use of Federal funds, are all contractual. You can chose one, all, or none. Most of the above are only regulated by legislative law, they are not owned by the U.S.
  10. If you wish to only use some of the services, or none, contact me.

freeinhabitant.com, pauljjhansenlaw@gmail.com.

  1. As to police aid, they are only acting as a neighbor, good or bad, the CITY OF OMAHA police department is just that the “CITIES policy enforcer’s”. Guess where the CITY policy has proprietary activity permission, you guessed it – “the CITY”, it is a private enterprise. Now a trickier question – upon what land does the CITY have chartered permission to operate? Who got it right? They only have permission to do business on land ‘of’ the United States. One head officer that a friend of mine knew said he always ended his instructions to his police staff to be careful out there because you do not have official authority. Got it, they only have the same authority as a private person when not on their land, and only in common law, they bluff the whole thing through.
  2. If you do not challenge territorial jurisdiction they will assume it. So you get no ‘right’ to a jury, no right to common law process, no right of any type. Such justice has/will slowly work its way to total injustice. You lose the protection of a biblical based impartial jury. They work it so it is close to impossible to win against a statist agenda.
  3. In closing – for example: keep paying property tax, then start a common law action, (administratively – low cost) and notice them that you have never consented to being charged for property tax associated with public schooling, that you home school, that you wish to know the mans name that is alleging you have/had a tax duty as related, then subpoena that man into a common law court proceeding and ask the following:
  1. Have you been authorizing that a tax bill be presented (mailed) to me for the years of………? If he says yes.
  2. Do you believe that the subject property is within the scope of the state Legislatives written law? If he says yes.
  3. Do you claim that the property is within the scope of the Legislatives written law? If he says yes.
  4. You have had more than 30 days to gather the evidence to support this claim is that correct? If he says yes.
  5. What do you have to present to the jury to support your claim?
  6. If the land is of the U.S. he will have the documents to evidence proprietary governance (taxation by U.S. ownership).
  7. If the land is not of the U.S. he will have to produce a contract associated with full disclosure. This is a huge fear to any tyrant, that is, to be in a court room, without the protection of a brother judge.
  8. Upon that agents (county assessor) lack of evidence the record is now to contain “property is non-taxable”, and any bill that he sends you from that point on can be a claim for damages of ‘mail fraud’, ‘false billing’, ‘conspiring to defraud’, or a host of damages a jury can understand. Simply put he will not be taxing your property from that point on. The property will be listed as non-taxable.
  9. U.S. courts only have jurisdiction to adjudicate written U.S. law, or contracts, nothing more.
  10. I work with people that have homes across the nation that are not on the ‘county’ taxable property roles, some people are even getting former years of taxes back.
  11. The process I just explained puts you at no risk of fine, penalty, or loss of property, and with very little expenditure, less that 200$.
  12. So this information allows you to pay for any service individually from anyone, that includes the CITY, COUNTY, or any STATE.
  13. So in a real sense the voucher system is in place, “it is your money”, pay for only what you want. Several men I have worked with got off the roles and went to the fire department and asked for their fire department service “contract”, it was only about 60$ per year. But caution one man got off did not pay and a fire started, the department showed up and then the chief said stop boys this is not one of our houses, and it burned to the ground as they watched.
  14. No need to be legalistic about using something that you feel you did not pay for such as libraries, such are funded in many ways, tax dollars, donations, federal import/excise tax which is passed to the consumer, etc.
  15. For a much better understanding of territorial jurisdiction limits on all governance in America order ‘Freeinhabitant One PPT – MS10001‘, and ‘Property Tax PPT – MS10002‘. Normally 5$ each, but to the brethren (Church) it is free, all I need from you is any email address you have access to.
  16. In many ways statism is demonic, should we promote demonic activity without a fight.

Written by: Paul John Hansen, 2016



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